Betfair Australia Review 2024

Betfair is one of the biggest brands in online sports betting. They were launched in the UK in 2000. Five years later, they received their license to operate in Australia. While it offers numerous sports markets and betting options, it operates mostly as a betting exchange. Players here can set their own odds and play against each other by backing or laying bets. Continue reading this Betfair Australia review to find out more.

Betfair Australia Review: Welcome Offers & Promotions 

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Sports and markets available 

Betfair Australia offers one of the biggest selection of sports, leagues, events and markets in Australia. Besides the usual big sports like soccer, rugby, tennis, horse and greyhound racing, you can also find some niche sports like Gaelic games, netball, winter sports, hockey, snooker and many more. Overall, there are more than 20 sports markets available on Betfair, which is definitely above the industry standard. For those looking for something different, there’s even financial bets, e-sports and politics. 

Each sport has plenty of leagues and betting possibilities, so players will definitely be spoilt for choice. Betfair Australia focuses heavily on domestic competitions and sports like AFL and NRL. But during the season break, you can find everything from international soccer to North American sports like NFL, NBA and MLB. Soccer fans will love the depth of this market. Besides the usual big leagues in Europe and world, you can also find some obscure leagues like the Algerian League 1. Each event is covered massively and even on less busy days, we’ve been able to see more than 100 lines and options.

Betfair Exchange is definitely the highlight of Betfair. This feature allows players to take a role as a bookie and set odds and prices to their liking. Betfair charges a 5% commission on all winnings. The rate of this commission can be toned down the more you use Exchange. Everything is automatic and the system will calculate everything on its own. Players will receive a fast payout in case they win the bet. For all new players that are unfamiliar with Betfair Exchange, we suggest reading up numerous Betfair tips, guides and explanations on the internet. In a nutshell, Exchange is a place where players are playing against each other, rather than a traditional bookmaker. You have players who back a bet and players who lay a bet. Backing a bet means player can choose one of the three outcomes: Team A win, Team B wins and a draw. Laying a bet means player will choose everything else, except the option the backing player chose. 

Unfortunately, live betting is forbidden by Australian law. This means you cannot place live in-play bets via your phone or desktop. In order to place live bets, you have to call Betfair. This may be a major turnoff for betting enthusiasts.

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Highly Competitive Odds

Odds at Betfair are highly competitive, and they are among the first bookmakers to update them. Odds at the Exchange are based on what price customers want to bet at. This means that the odds fluctuate and change in line with updates on team news, injuries, and similar. Odds at the Exchange are always up to date. At Betfair, you can place all the regular and traditional types of bets like over and under, spreads, totals, props, moneyline, parlay, and others. They also offer more unique types of bets like accumulators, system bets, futures, teasers, Asian handicap and many more.

One of Betfair Australia best features is their very good commission system. They do not charge on the front-end like many other bookmakers but instead take a small commission on net winnings. It is a win-win situation for players and for the bookmaker. This means Betfair will never limit or shut down a player for excessive winnings. They also don’t build a margin into their odds, which is why their odds are very competitive when compared to other bookmakers in Australia. The extremely high betting limits can be lowered down by members in order to ensure safe and responsible betting. This feature can be found in account settings.

Betfair Australia Review: Additional Features 

Excellent Live Streaming 

Live streaming is available and is among the first bookmakers to introduce this feature to its customers. You can enjoy extensive coverage of all major sporting events in Australia and around the world. From horse and greyhound racing to Champions League, tennis tournaments, golf, and even motor racing. Live streaming is available to users who have funded accounts and the streaming service is definitely high quality. 

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An Impressive Mobile App

Betfair app is highly impressive and useful to make quick bets while on the road. It allows all of the features available on the desktop version. You can deposit and withdraw money, watch live streaming, place all types of bets and enjoy the Betfair Exchange. Betfair mobile is highly responsive betting platform without any major lag issues. Live in-play is a thing, but you cannot place any bets via your phone. As mentioned previously, you have to call Betfair in order to place a live bet. While this is deterring, it shouldn’t chase you away from the excellent app.

Conclusion: Definitely Amongst the Best 

Betfair in Australia is working extremely well and is definitely among the best bookmakers in the region. Their highly competitive odds are backed by an excellent marketplace called the Exchange. Here, players can actually place bets against each other and act as a bookmaker. Betfair commission is 5%, but this rate can be reduced with regular activity on the Exchange. Some other bookmakers that offer the same feature have less commission, but their odds and prices are not on Betfair’s level.

The selection of sports is seemingly endless and bettors will have no trouble finding something they like. Betfair won’t limit big winners as they take pride in allowing high betting limits. Payouts are extremely fast and done within 24 hours. Unfortunately, these high betting limits may be intimidating for new players. Some markets have a set $5 wage limit, which is too much for casual bettors.

In conclusion, Betfair is definitely a site worth visiting if you’re into online sports betting. They have decades of experience and are a very reputable and trustworthy company.

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