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Betfair Promo Code Australia

The Betfair Exchange Promo Code is VALxxx. It gives new customers a £20 Risk-Free exchange bet offer when you first open an account using this official Betfair Promo Code .

Please note this offer is valid for players outside Australia

Latest the Betfred Australia Codes for

We have compiled a complete and up-to-date list of ALL the latest in 2021 Betfair codes:
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 1.Betfair Exchange USE BETFAIR REFERRAL CODE £20 Risk-Free bet VALxxx
 2.Betfair Sports #1 USE BETFAIR REGISTRATION CODE £100 Free Bets ZBBxxx
 3.Betfair Sports #2 USE BETFAIR CODE Deposit £20 Get £40 ZSKxxx
 4.Betfair Sports #3 USE BETFAIR REFERRER CODE £100 Matched Bonus ZSKxxx
 5.Betfair Sports #4 USE BETFAIR  CODE Deposit $30 Get $60 ZSKxxx
 6.Betfair Casino #1 USE BETFAIR REFERRAL CODE 100% up to £100 Bonus CASxxx
 7.Betfair Casino #2 USE BETFAIR CODE 30 Free Spins Bonus CASxxx
 8.Betfair Poker USE BETFAIR REGISTRATION CODE Free Wheel Spin Bonus PKRxxx
 9.Betfair Bingo USE BETFAIR  CODE Bet £5 Get £40 Bonus BINxxx
 10.Betfair Arcade Bonus USE BETFAIR  CODE 50 Free Spins Bonus ARCxxx
 11.Betfair Code NO BETFAIR BONUS CODE Ended No code
 12.Live Casino Code NO BETFAIR BONUS CODE Bonus Offer Expired No code

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Latest Betfair Registration Code Australia

Betfair AustraliaSign Up OffersBetfair Promo Code Australia
Cricket & Horse Racing Specials T&Cs apply GET BETFAIR PROMO CODE AUSTRALIA

Disclaimer: The daily specials, referral codes, and registration links are not aimed at players from the NSW region, in tune with the new NSW regulations. The NSW players are not eligible for the same. 

How to Register Using the Betfair Registration Code for

Betfair is a global online casino and sports betting brand. They have now been in operation in Australia for several years, yet the site operates slightly different to other Betfair sites around the world. The site operates as a betting exchange instead of a mainstream bookmaker. This gives players the chance to bet against each other rather than a bookmaker.

The site is fully regulated in Australia and has a designated sign up process. The 7 steps necessary to sign up are listed below.

  1. Click join now at the top right of the home page
  1. Fill in the full name, date of birth and gender
  2. Complete country of address along with the address and phone number
  3. Provide an email address and password for login details
  4. Specify a security question from the drop-down menu and include the answer
  5. Choose currency and set a deposit limit
  6. Select join now to complete the registration process and start playing
  7. Enter our Betfair Code Australia.

Tips: No bank details need to be given during the sign-up process and deposits can be made afterward.  Players need to provide a validated Australian address in order to meet the requirements of the site.

Betfair Exchange Promo Code 2021

Betfair FAQs: Key Information to Keep in Mind 

Like any new visitor to an online gambling platform, players are likely to have questions and concerns. Some of the more common queries are outlined and answered below.

Q. Why should I use Betfair Australia and not a different provider?

This question is asked many times by new visitors to the platform. Given that Betfair Australia is a betting exchange, players can secure more favorable odds than they could with a mainstream bookmaker. The reason is that players are trading odds with each other as they fluctuate throughout live sporting events.

Players are still betting on sport using the platform, yet they stand to make more profit betting against other players on the exchange.

Q. Is my account free to use?

The site does not charge users anything for opening or running their account. This means that besides the betting itself, the site is completely free to use.

Q. Can I get support if I forget my login details?

Players can find the forgot your password link on the sites home page. By clicking on and following this link player can obtain all the support necessary to either reset their password or be reminded of their username.

Q. Can I get support if I feel I am losing control of my gambling?

Responsible gambling is promoted heavily on the site, and Betfair Australia clearly takes pride in knowing that their members are staying in control. If players are losing control however, the site has multiple external links for players to seek help.

Q. Is there a Betfair Code I could use?

Yes, you can enter the Betfair Code Australia

Betfair Promo Code for Australia 2021

Betfair Australia Review – Know Everything About Betfair Australia 

The visual display overall is a critical element since the site operates a live-betting format. Odds and wagers placed are easily visible during in-play betting, and they are updated constantly. Players can easily find the sport and relevant game they want to bet on due to the clearly listed links across the site.  Players have access to the exchange activity without logging in, but they need to manually sign in should they want to place bets. Betfair Australia not only shows the login area clearly, but they allow for a simple four-digit passcode to be made for even easier login. Should that not make it simple enough, players can select to remain logged in even when away from the site. This ensures they can access the exchange quickly when wanting to.

Betfair Australia has a nice color scheme on their site to display odds and various prices. The betting markets are clearly separated by a blue and pink color blend, and this ensures players can see the important information clearly. In addition to this, the site constantly shows the total amounts being wagered during any one event. This is a cool feature, which many players will no doubt enjoy.

Both the desktop and mobile platforms have a very readable feel for players using Betfair Australia. All of the various sections around the site are outlined clearly. With dropdown menus and clearly defined areas to click on, players will find the site relatively simple to use. Betfair Australia has definitely not created a site that is overcomplicated or too crowded.

Betfair Australia Odds 

  • Competitive odds

This is open to debate since the actual odds listed on the site are largely based on other player’s activity. However, the odds are still linked to the game even though players are betting against others and not specifically the bookmaker. The odds on the site are fairly average compared with other providers, but the variety of the exchange ensures players can access attractive odds if they are on the ball.

  • Availability of sports

The site includes a reasonable range of sports for players to bet on. While they cover all of the main Australian sports, they do provide major global sports such as soccer, tennis, golf and horse racing. Of course, since their members are residing in Australia, they offer sports betting opportunities for the AFL and NRL leagues.

  • Up to date odds fluctuations

It is the nature of live betting for odds to fluctuate, and they can fluctuate quite rapidly depending on the sport in question. For this reason, it is essential that a platform offering live betting will update the site almost to the second. Betfair Australia has achieved this and players are always able to see the latest odds before making their betting selections.

No matter whether the site is showing soccer or tennis, the odds will be constantly updated and visible for players to see.

  • Market variations

Betfair Australia is not a standard bookmaker, so the markets available are quite different than what players might be used to. The site provides a fairly good range of markets for a betting exchange. They offer spread betting, handicap options as well as back and lay betting. While these terms may be confusing to those players new to exchange, it soon becomes clear how good the range is after using the site for a short while.

Betfair Australia Promo Code for Sports

Banking Options at Betfair Australia 

Deposit: The site has one of the more comprehensive ranges of deposit methods for its members. Betfair Australia actually has a list of 7 methods that their members can use to deposit funds into their account. These are listed below.

  • Credit Union Transfer – 1-3 working days to process, $5 minimum deposit, no fees
  • Bank Transfer – $5 minimum deposit amount, no fees indicated and 1-3 working days processing time
  • Poli internet banking – funds instantly available, no fees and $5 minimum deposit
  • MasterCard – no fees indicated, instantly available and $10 minimum deposit
  • Visa – $10 minimum deposit, no fees, instantly available
  • Nab – no fees indicated, 1-3 working days to process and $5 minimum deposit amount
  • BPay – 1-3 working days to process, no fees and $5 minimum deposit

Note: while the Betfair exchange itself will not charge fees, the various providers for these deposit methods might.

Withdrawals: Betfair Australia has a good range of withdrawal methods available, and they are essentially the same as the deposit methods. Only s few specifications differ as shown below.

  • Bank Transfer – no associated fees, $20 minimum amount, 1-3 working days to process
  • Visa – No specified information is given for fees or a minimum amount
  • Credit Union Transfer – no fee, the processing time is 1-5 working days, $20 minimum amount
  • MasterCard– No processing time, the minimum amount of fees indicated
  • Nab – processing time is 1-3 working days, $20 minimum amount, no fee
  • BPay – No fees or minimum amount is given, the processing time is 1-3 working days

Customer Support Quality at Betfair Australia 

Betfair Australia has two methods that members can use to reach the customer support team. These two methods are shown below.

  • Contact number: This is a 24/7 service offered to the sites members. While it is specified that the service is available 24/7, it is not specified if there are any associated fees.
  • Email: An email link is available on the site, and it is suggested that this service is monitored 24/7. This being said, there are no indications as to response time for using the email service.

There is no live chat service available for members to contact customer support.

Betfair Promo Code for Australian Players

Betfair Mobile App Review

Mobile Application 

  • Cash-out availability: Players have the option to cash out during a live-bet with just one push of a button.
  • Live data through price graphs: Players can see how others are betting on any given event through price graphs. This shows the data in real time and allows players to make more informed decisions when choosing their live bets.
  • iOS and Android availability: Betfair Australia has established a mobile app that can be downloaded for both Android and Apple devices. This ensures that no member should miss out due to having an unsupported device.

Mobile Site 

  • Cash-out option: As is the case on the mobile app, players can also cash out just from the push of a button on the mobile site. This allows for quick and precise live betting.
  • Simple navigation: The desktop site is easy to navigate, but this doesn’t always guarantee that the mobile site will follow suit. Fortunately, the mobile site for this platform is equally as simple to navigate as the desktop site. With dropdown lists and clearly defined sections, players will have no trouble using the mobile site.
  • Optimized site: Betfair Australia has clearly taken the time to ensure that the mobile site is optimized for its users.

Our Review of Betfair’s Exchange In Australia 

Betfair Australia is a unique online gaming provider in the Australian market. It is rarely seen that a provider operates a trading exchange as opposed to a standard bookmaker platform. This being said, the site has boomed in popularity and players are starting to warm to the exchange system.

For players who are unfamiliar with betting exchanges, the site could seem somewhat overwhelming and even daunting to try and figure out. This is a common criticism of the Betfair exchange, yet there are no immediate signs of the site switching to a standard bookmaker platform. Remember to enter our Betfair Code Australia. The option for players to cash out their bets is incredibly popular on the site, and this is a feature that definitely appeals to players using the exchange. Betfair Australia is still going from strength to strength, and it is exciting to see how the site will develop over the coming years.

Top 3 Alternatives to Betfair Australia


One of the best operators worldwide is also available in Australia. You will find one of the most complete sportsbooks with special offers on horse racing and greyhounds. The ergonomy of the site is much easier than Betfair’s but at the same time, it is not recommended for newbies at betting since there are other platforms much more simple. Get the bet365 here.


Unibet Australia

Unibet Australia is a well-known sports betting platform in the Australian market. They are not an exchange like Betfair Australia. They are a mainstream bookmaker who offers a variety of sports to bet on, as well as good market depth. They are much more active with their members through their blog and Unibet TV. However, live streaming on the site is limited to a select number of sports and events.


PointsBet Australia

PointsBet Australia is somewhat of a new player on the block. This by no means suggests that they are a sub-par provider. The site has a huge range of markets and sports for its members to bet on. The only thing letting this site down is that the odds aren’t very attractive and they basically follow the market average.

Top 3 Questions About Betfair Australia 

Q. Does the site enforce any minimum wager requirements?

Betfair Australia does enforce a minimum wager requirement. The amount is $5 per bet.

Q Is the customer support team easily accessible?

The site provides two available methods to contact customer support. There is an email address listed on the site that players can send inquiries through. There is also a contact number that players can use to contact customer support 24/7.

Q. Can I make deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily?

Betfair Australia is a modern site, and they support the vast majority of deposit and withdrawal methods seen with other providers. Players should be able to find a suitable method available.

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