Pointsbet Registration Code May 2024

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How to Register Using the Pointsbet Registration Code

A common ground among top Australian bookies is the simplicity involved in becoming a member. I mean, no player would stick around if the registration process takes up to an hour or demands so many requirements that could leave one frustrated. As expected, Pointsbet measures up to peers. The procedure to become a member at the site is split into two subpages, each of which can be filled in less than 5 minutes.

Here is a detailed how-to on registration:

  • Log on to http://www.pointsbet.com.au via any advanced mobile browser for the best experience. Click on ‘Sign Up’ that’s located at the top right corner, just beside ‘Login’.
  • If you would rather go to the sign-up page directly, visit https://pointsbet.com.au/signup although I would proffer you go through the homepage.
  • As I mentioned earlier, the process is completed in just two stages. The first is for basic information about yourself and upon completion, the second asks for personal information and account settings.

Stage 1: This section asks for your first name, last name and email address. To avoid issues when conducting transactions, your name must be entered as they are registered on any form of identification you’ll be submitting. The email address must be a working one so you can receive updates and notifications, as well as retrieve your account in case you forget your password.

Stage 2: While registering, I couldn’t help thinking why the first segment of this stage wasn’t added to stage 1. This is because the details requested for are just of the same cadre with the earlier requested ones. You are to select a suitable title, specify your date of birth from the tailored fields, put in your mobile number and home address. You have the option to choose your salutation from ‘Mr’, ‘Mrs’, ‘Ms’ or leave it unspecified. Your date of birth must show that you’re above 18. Anyway, the available years start from 2001, so unless an underage falsifies his age, he’s not getting in. Your phone number should be functional so you can receive updates later on, and of course, your address should be verifiable.

The second stage requires you to create your username and password. The username should have at least 5 characters while the password should be a mixture of figures, letters and symbols. Having done that, click on ‘Join Pointsbet’.

Upon clicking the final button, the site does not direct you to a page that would show you that your registration has been completed. Instead, it remains there, and you might find yourself tapping the ‘Join Pointsbet’ bottom repeatedly if you’re not observant. It happened to me; it isn’t somewhere I’d like you to be. It was upon the fourth trial that I saw the message displayed in tiny letters at the bottom of the page: This username has been created’.

  • The final step is to open the inbox of your email and follow the link sent by ‘Pointsbet’ in order to verify your account.


Can I Set Deposit Limits?

-Yes, you can via the banking section.

Can I Stake on The NBA at Pointsbet?

-Yes, you can.

What Body Regulates Pointsbet?

-Pointsbet is licensed and regulated by the Australian Northern Territory Government.

Is Pointsbet Encrypted?

-Yes, Pointsbet uses Secure Socket Layer with 2048-bit encryption.

Quality of Platform

One section for each product

Ergonomy: The ease of access is something one must take serious so as to fully enjoy your time at any  sportsbook. An easily accessible site will make gameplay very smooth and fast. I have played long enough at online sites to know that creating an easy-to-use site interface can be tricky. Quite a number of sites fail to perfect the blend of aesthetics with functionality. Pointsbet does not pose this problem, thankfully. The site is well organized and hence you can easily maneuver through. The designs are classy and hold an appeal to sight. I assure you that you’d have no problem whatsoever with ergonomics at Pointsbet.

Licenses and Certifications: licenses are expensive to secure and are revoked in the slightest case of deliberate cheating or tweaking with outcomes of games. An instant revocation of the licenses is impossible to avoid when a betting site does wrong, and when this happens, it is blacklisted across the Australian gambling space. All licensed sites are therefore wary of losing their seals of approval. On the part of Pointsbet, the site has secured all relevant certificates and players therefore have no reason to be scared.

Odds: The odds at Pointsbet are considerably better than what is on offer at other Australian sites. The odds are usually higher than the usual market rate. The odds are released on time as well, often available for a week before the event. This largely depends on the timing of the game though and scenarios pertaining the event. Sometimes though, the odds can be average due to the strictness of determining factors. When this happens, you can just make do with it. Not to worry however, the odds are good most of the time.

Sports and Markets Available: Pointsbet is relatively new to the gambling scene in Australia. It is therefore understandable that its portfolio is not as vast as one would expect. Nevertheless, there is adequate coverage of home sports such as the Australia Open Men and Australia Open Women. You can always place bets on majority of events going on in the country.

Focusing on the international scene, Pointsbet impresses with its offerings despite its young lifespan. There is a remarkable range of markets to stake at, with each presenting thousands of betting opportunities every week. Football, for example, cuts across the five major leagues worldwide as well as minor leagues. You can stake on games from the Spanish La Liga Santander, Italian Serie A, French League and English Premier League. Sports from America are also available to bet on. There is access to the Major League Soccer. What’s more, the upcoming Chinese league is also well represented.

As usual, soccer is the most available at the site, so you should not expect the same wide selection on other sports.

Banking Options


Australian betting sites have become conscious of the preference for sites with multiple transaction methods. Top operators around the country now offer at least 5 deposit options to make transactions easier for players. Pointsbet recognizes this need and has added new methods to its payment options over time. When I registered at the site, there was just one approved method of payment but that has significantly changed now.

Credit/Debit Card

Min Deposit: $10
Max Deposit: N/A
Fee: Free

Deposits made via Credit or Debit card is instantly credited to your account. To use this method, you need a bank that accepts to process gambling transactions, else you wouldn’t be able to.


Min Deposit: N/A
Max Deposit: N/A
Fee: Free

Just like the Credit/Debit card, your MasterCard is dependent on your bank, although this costs more to obtain. There are no charges, and you may need the approval of your bank to use.


Min Deposit: $10
Max Deposit: N/A
Fee: Free

Poli is an online payment method that you can use across Australia. Depots via this method are made instantly.


Cashing out at Pointsbet can be frustrating as it can only be done via bank transfers. Bank transfers are fast and effective as well. Upon approval of your withdrawal request, the fund is transferred to your bank account within 1-3 business days. Upon confirmation of receipt, whatever you do with or happens to the fund ceases to be Points bet’s business.

To make withdrawals, open the banking section and select ‘withdraw’. Due to the absence of any other method, you are automatically directed to the bank transfer page.

Customer Support Quality

For its credit, Pointsbet is rapidly making improvements in its customer service channels, as easily seen in the addition of more support platforms. The channels are constantly at the bottom of the official website, making them accessible with a simple click. The available channels are:

Telephone (Customer Support: 6AM to 12AM Daily)

137238 from Australia

Telephone (Live Betting: 6AM to 12AM Daily)

137238 from Australia

Email (24/7)


Live Chat (24/7)

Site-wide, only available when logged in.

The customer service care at Pointsbet is making steady progress. The technical glitches that used to characterize the live chat feature are now resolved and so is the response time. The service team professionals are polite, knowledgeable and attentive, making them very helpful always.


Mobile Application

Pointsbet mobile app fulfills all basic requirements of a bookmaker tool. Most games available at the mobile site are on it as well. You can make deposits and withdrawals as well as contact customer care. But what really stands out is the app’s interface. The app is designed in black with texts coming as red. The icons look cool and beautiful as well. Kudos must be given to be developer. Not only is the layout aesthetically pleasing, the eyes are protected too.

Mobile Site

What struck me first about the mobile site was the loading time. It takes at least 45 seconds over  a strong 4G network for the homepage to load completely. I think this could be looked into. This aside, the site is responsive and secure. All games can be played directly without any download. The color here is cool black and notable red as well.

Final Say on Pointsbet

I understand that Pointsbet is still young, but it could do better with the sport markets available. The transaction methods, whether for deposits or withdrawals, need urgent upgrades as well. What’s more, I think the support hour may be undesirable for nocturnal players, although most wouldn’t have a problem with that. You can leave a message down anyway.

On the positives, the ergonomy is top-notch, interface is pleasant, transactions are free, and the support services are remarkable.

Overall, Pointsbet is ascending the stairs steadily. It is obvious it has come to stay.

Top 3 Alternatives to Pointsbet


Unibet offers a similar portfolio to Pointsbet and that perhaps explains why the two are apt substitutes. Unibet can be preferred due to the more popular payment methods available at the site while some players may rather Pointsbet due to the presence of spread betting.


No doubt about this. Bet365 offers a larger sport portfolio to bet on. It is a more acceptable brand nationwide consequently. Many would prefer Bet365 to Pointsbet except if you’re interested in enjoying the royalties of the newer site.


Ladbrokes offers more betting opportunities to bettors, and is also widely accepted. It has better payment methods as well. Pointsbet however offers the unique spread betting that isn’t readily come across. That could give it an edge.