Betfair Exchange Mobile Review

Welcome to our Betfair Exchange mobile app review – read on to see what this app has in store.

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How to download the Betfair Exchange App

As it stands in , the Betfair Exchange mobile app is readily available to download for both Android and iOS users. The process that you must go through to download each of these apps is slightly different, so we have broken down the necessary steps right here.

First thing’s first –  let’s look at how you can download the Betfair Exchange app on your Android device, which is a bit different to how you would download an iOS app:

  • Open up the Betfair Exchange mobile site from your phone
  • Tap the Android icon to initiate the file download
  • Be sure to trust the file so that your phone will accept it
  • Log in/register after the app has downloaded to make sure everything is in working order
  • Enjoy the full scope of app features

The most important element of this download process is to trust the APK file, otherwise, your phone will simply not accept the download.

Now, let’s get onto how you can download the Betfair Exchange app if you are using an iOS operating system:

  • Visit the app store and type in Betfair Exchange
  • Click the download button
  • Enter your password so that the download can begin
  • Wait for the app to download and then open it up on your phone
  • Log in to the app as usual and enjoy it

Just like when you are downloading the Betfair Exchange app for an Android device, you can also sign up/register directly from the iOS mobile app too.

How to set-up your account by entering the Betfair Exchange promo code

  • Open up the Betfair home page and click ‘join now’
  • Go through the registration process entering both personal and residential information
  • Enter the promo code at the final stage in the process
  • Log in to double-check that the code has been applied

How to fund your account

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on ‘deposit’ and choose a payment method
  • Enter the payment method details and provide the amount that you wish to deposit
  • Complete the process and wait just a few seconds for the money to be in your account

Play on Betfair Exchange App

Sports Bet on Mobile

betfair exchange horse racing bets

The Betfair Exchange app has been developed specifically to facilitate sports betting, so you can be sure that this is available in abundance through the app. Given that the app operates an exchange as opposed to a mainstream bookie, the process of making a sports bet is a little bit different. You can still bet on a wide variety of sports including cricket, rugby, tennis, Aussie rules, soccer, and plenty of others, but the general function is quite unique.

How to place a bet on the Betfair Exchange app

You will notice that when browsing through the list of sporting markets, they are presented in quite a different way. Rather than just one odd per market, you will always see two odds. This is because you can place a back bet, whereby you are betting that an event will happen, or you can choose to make a lay bet, where you are betting against an outcome.

These are presented with the back odds in blue and the lay bets in pink. To actually go ahead and place your bet, you must click on the respective market, enter your stake, and click ‘place bet’ for it to process.

Best Mobile App Features

  • Loading speeds

There are many sports betting apps within the Australian market today that can be slow and seem to take forever to load. This is certainly not the case with the Betfair Exchange mobile app, as whatever section you are trying to open will load within seconds. This is advantageous as it reduces the amount of time spent waiting around for the app, and it gives you more time to enjoy your sports betting experience.

  • Push notifications

Having the option to enable push notifications is a good thing for several reasons. If you have an in-play bet, you can set the app so that you are notified when a goal is scored for example. You also have the added luxury to be notified when there are flash odds, as well as when a specific market has been created on the Betfair Exchange. Simply put, you no longer have an excuse for missing out on any of the important events taking place on the exchange.

  • Cash-out

Not all of the bets that you place on the Betfair Exchange will be eligible for cash out, but many of them are. Generally speaking, you will be presented with the option to cash out if you have bet on a popular event where there is plenty of money in the market. In order to do this, you can simply navigate to your in-play bets, and if the exchange has a cash-out offer on the table, you can take it at the push of a button.

  • Responsiveness

This was by far one of the most enjoyable features of the entire app. We have been frustrated in the past when trying to navigate around other sports betting apps, as they may take you to the wrong page or not work at all in some instances. We did not experience this whatsoever with the Betfair Exchange app, which makes the overall experience much more enjoyable due to significantly fewer technical issues.

  • Live streaming

Live streaming of certain sports has become part and parcel of member expectations these days, and Betfair Exchange delivers streaming for several events on their platform. Providing that you have money in your account or that you have recently wagered some cash, you will be able to access the streaming services. As of right now, there are many streaming options for tennis, horse racing, basketball, and other popular sports in Australia.

Mobile App vs Desktop Comparison

Mobile App






iOS and Android available

No live chat

Visually appealing

Live chat unavailable

Very responsive

Lots of scrolling required for some sections

Great color schemes for back and lay odds

Always need to be logged in to see all features

All sports accessible

Min deposit is $10 at a time

Relatively competitive pre-match odds

Quite high deposit minimums

Easy to navigate

A low range of markets for less popular sports

No software download required

Processing times for withdrawals can be slow

Betfair Exchange Other Assets

User Experience

We felt that on the whole, the app offered a very good user experience, with just a couple of exceptions. In some sections, such as when you chose a popular sporting event with plenty of markets, the app required that you scroll for quite a long time to see all of the markets. We feel that this could be a bit more condensed, and this would, of course, reduce the time spent browsing the app and more time betting.

Secondly, we’d like to see a slightly easier set up to access the in-play markets while streaming events at the same time. It can be quite hard to do this on the app, especially since the live stream is several seconds behind the actual event. Apart from these factors, the app itself is visually appealing and it contains all of the sports that the desktop site does.

In-play betting

If you want to make an in-play bet on a particular sport, all you need to do is navigate to the section titled ‘in play’. Providing that you have enough money in your account to cover the bet, you can simply type in your wager, hit the bet button, and watch the event play out.

You do need to be quite quick in this section, especially since the app is operating as an exchange, for the amount of money in the market changes quite literally to the second.

Live Broadcast on Mobile 

Betfair Exchange may not cover every single sport that they offer, but they have enough for us to say that the live broadcast covers an adequate enough range. The actual video streams are crisp and seamless, and it is quite rare for the stream to experience any lag or technical glitches.

In addition to this, you can set the live stream to full-screen mode so that you can enjoy a larger view of the event in question.

Betfair Exchange App Review – Awesome Functionality

Betfair is one of the first sports betting businesses to develop the exchange format in Australia, so they really are in a league of their own right now. While there aren’t too many sites to compare the exchange platform to, it is obvious that Betfair Australia has done things right. They’ve created a top-class mobile app to facilitate the exchange format, and we feel that sports bettors all across Australia will reap the rewards of what this platform has to offer.

The membership base is increasing all the time, and as bettors’ knowledge and understanding of how exchanges work, the more money is flooding into these betting markets on the exchange. This makes the whole environment more competitive and more enjoyable for everyone involved.